Giving Back

We are passionately grateful for all that we have received in our lives. Despite its challenges, we have led charmed lives.

We know this isn’t the case for all.

Through Fiona’s connections with supporting an orphanage in Nepal, she came into contact with the hospital system.

We both know many friends and organisations that have assisted in the Nepalese medical system providing support to their doctors, therapists and providing free surgeries.  Especially during political uprisings when insurance companies would not provide coverage, formal organisations stop sending volunteers, and these amazing individuals funded personal service trips to Nepal to carry out amazing life-giving operations.

Yet the statistics show that the mortality rate is as high as 80% after these lifesaving gifts.

Koolkuna decided that this is not ok.

And do you know why?

Because the problem is not medical care but the fact that nourishment is not provided.

As much as we all complain about hospital food in the West, it is a true luxury in developing countries.  The individual has to provide their own food, medication and hydration.  Many of these families have taken up to 2 weeks to get from mountain regions to the city to get surgery and many lose limbs along the way in the interest of keeping them alive.

However, how do you recuperate from life-changing surgery when there is no food?

The body needs food and hydration.

So, we decided to create an opportunity to increase the survival rates by starting a food bank within Kirtipur Hospital that will provide canned meat/seafood protein, rice, lentils/legumes, IV saline hydration, oral rehydration solution (ORS). All the macros a body needs to heal after surgery.

5% off all of Devas’ profits from our retreats and workshops will go towards this project.

Fiona & Lesley are in the process of setting up Koolkuna Foundation, a 501(c)(3) where this Nepali food bank will be its first project.