Asleep to Awake Retreat

April 19-24, 2020

Do you know what your purpose in life is?

Are you living life to your potential or are you sleepwalking through life?

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Research shows that for many people they have no clear idea of what they want from life and as a result they have no idea how to make what they want to manifest in their reality.

We know that going from being asleep to awake takes determination, support and a shift in mindset to produce what you truly deserve in life. 

Going from asleep to awake takes a shift in perspective, a change from thinking “it’s only others for others”, to “I deserve this and I am going to make it happen”.

Develop a vision for what you can have, surrounded by a tribe of women in a safe and sacred space.

What is on your dream list that you haven’t given enough attention to?

Where are your priorities right now?

Do you put everyone’s needs above your own?

Are you feeling undervalued, worn out, stressed and under the weather?

Join Lesley & Fiona in Ajijic, Mexico where their friendship and Devas Being Divas began. 

Indulge yourself in discovering what it is you truly want in life.

Discover what you are passionate about.

Delve into what holds you back from achieving your desires.

Create the opportunity to plan and support the change you want and leave with 3 tools to allow you to execute your plan to reality.

While discovering what you want, we will support your physical body to create the change.


Indulge a full day at a thermal spring. 

Day trip to the town of Tequila – after all, this is Mexico’s most famous export and it is nearby!!!

Learn to salsa at the best Italian restaurant in Ajijic.

Meander at the local weekly tiangas (market).

Dinners on the melacon and lakeside.

Ancient OTAC ceremony to go deeper to unblock your pineal gland and show the world the true you.  This will be facilitated by Dan Santos.

Optional extra astrological chart readings.  This will be facilitated by Jeannie Warren.

Each day will start with Qi Gong awakening, physical centring and balance, gentle walking around the lake to start each day ready for a discovery breakfast and journaling to allow you to document your discoveries and the awareness of what else you wish to discover. Your memento to practice awareness.

Throughout the day we will be focusing on opportunities to give ourselves the time to delve into ourselves and discover what it is we truly want for our lives.

We will look at what we want to leave behind, what feels right for ME, listen to ourselves and honour this growth and expansion. We will create support structures to allow each of you to leave Mexico feeling you have got your own back, Others are available to keep you accountable and allow you to honour your divine wishes.

There will be free time to explore, to nurture oneself, self-care time. Additional spa visits are available (optional and extra).  A dentist in a very modern and technologically up-to-date clinic is available nearby if dental treatment is on your radar.

Laughing, camaraderie and being part of a like-minded group is essential self-care and here in our intimate retreat in Mexico, we have this.

You have the option of staying a few extra days on your own after or before to explore and sample the colonial delights of Guadalajara, where you can indulge in the museums or go to the suburb of Tlaquepaque which was once a potter’s village but still retains the charm of bygone days.

Put yourself first. 

Indulge your desires.

Discard what you no longer need to carry with you.

Awaken your soul to the possibilities and leave Mexico with a plan to make your life full of possibilities, opportunities and the life you deserve to have.


Honour Your Soul.

Feed It Delights.

Strive to be the best YOU!


PRICE: US$3650

Early bird pricing:

US$3150 (if paid by 1st Feb for March retreat or 1st Sept 2020 for November retreat) 

LIMIT: 20 people

Book with a friend or a group of friends and get an additional 10% discount – use code: BRINGAFRIEND (must book together).

5% of profits from all Devas’ retreats go towards supporting a food bank at Kirtipur Hospital in Nepal.


6 in stock


5 nights’ accommodation at a 4-star hotel.

Breakfasts, lunches, snacks & dinners.

Excursions and activities.

Local transportation.

2 Post-retreat video conference follow-up.

Does not include:

Transport to and from Ajijic (the closest international airport is Guadalajara).

Alcoholic beverages.

Optional activities such as spa treatments, astrological readings, etc.

Travel insurance.


Ajijic in old Nahuatl means “place of water” or “place where water bubbles up”. Situated on the north shore of Lake Chapala, surrounded by mountains, Ajijic enjoys a moderate climate year-round. Lake Chapala is known to have the (2nd) best weather on the planet year round.  The Chapala Lake basin has a year-round average temperature of about 19 °C (66 °F). Up until the arrival of the Spanish, the region was occupied by nomadic Indian tribes. Nahuatl is the native language of the area.

Ajijic has attracted foreign artists and writers since the 1890s.


Day 1: Arrival, meet & greet.

Please plan to be at the hotel by 4 pm. Dinner lakeside.  After dinner, preparation for intention board.

Day 2: Intention Day at thermal springs. 

Start the day with moving meditation before breakfast.

Spend the day at an adults-only thermal spa completing your intention project.

Lunch at thermal springs.

Late afternoon, wander the cobbled streets of Ajijic visiting galleries showcasing original art from local artists (there are also multiple coffee roasters what will make you drool).

Dinner on the melacon in Ajijic.

Day 3: OTAC & physical wellness plans.

Spend the day with urban medicine man Dan Santos.  Aside from the OTAC ceremony, you will create with Fiona & Lesley your personalised physical & emotional wellness plan.

Day 4: Tiangas

Shopping day in Ajijic for locals and tourists alike.  We continue with your intention planning between tianagas, dental office visits, meandering Ajijic.

Dinner on the melacon in Chapala.

Day 5: Tequila & Salsa

Spend the day learning about tequila and finish the day off with dancing the night away at Ray’s (yes, we will teach you!).  Salsa evening; no pressure but dance like no one is watching!

Day 6: Departure

Closing ceremonies and post-retreat plans.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

15 to 30 days before the retreat date: 20% of total price will be charged.

8 to 14 days before the retreat date: 30% of total price will be charged.

4 to 7 days before the retreat date: 75% of total price will be charged.

3 days or less before the retreat date: 100% of total price will be charged.

The clients’ failure to show up on time on for any reasons, the entire retreat package is non-refundable, non-changeable, non-transferable.


Retreat Cancellation:

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any retreat per operating requirements or circumstances beyond our control. If cancellation is made any time before the retreat, Devas Being Devas’ only liability will be to refund the amount it has received for the retreat. We will try to re-book the same or similar retreat. Please note that we are not liable for any cancellation penalties incurred on any other travel arrangements including air tickets purchased separately.


We are not responsible for any other travel arrangements affected due to our cancellations.